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When it comes to health and wellness, there is no shortage of misinformation on the internet. The Primal Example podcast, hosted by lifestyle modification expert Joe Condora, delivers evidence-based nutrition and wellness information in an easily digestible fashion. Featuring interviews from some of the top experts in the health and wellness field, expect to walk away with actionable tips after each episode that you can easily implement in your life. Whether you are interested in paleo, keto, vegan, yoga, functional medicine, carnivore, or any other dietary modality, The Primal Example Podcast has something for you.
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Feb 28, 2017

When it comes to health news, it can literally be life or death. Many of us rely on our social media feeds or favorite podcasts for relevant, reliable health information. However, depending on where this info is coming from and how its presented, we can be lead down a path of misinformation that can have real impacts on our lives.

Have you ever seen what raw published research looks like? Most people don’t have time nor patience to decipher random numbers and endless scientific jargon. Many well-intentioned bloggers see published studies and attempt to summarize them for their followers. Unfortunately, more times than not the blogger misrepresents the data and their devoted followers take it as gospel.

Everyday people should be able to interpret health data without the danger of amateur recklessness or mainstream media-induced confusion. If you’re down for it, we at Primal Example want to be your guides through the jungle of cutting-edge research.

In episode 27, we explore the latest research around sexy questions like:

  • Is your coffee killing you?
  • Do you really need to take fish oil?
  • Why in God’s name should you fast?


Listen in to find out how to apply the latest scientific research to your life with down-to-earth appraoches and simple hacks!

 Topics Discussed Include:

  • 2:35 - Topic intro
  • 7:00 - Published studies are difficult to interpret!
  • 8:20 - New research about fasting and its benefits
  • 10:20 - Fasting can increase the lifespan of mice by 15-20%
  • 11:15 - Why fasting is easier than you might think
  • 12:45 - You get the best results from a 16-hour fasting window & an 8-hour eating window .... How to construct your eating/fasting windows
  • 16:30 - Mimick fasting by eating fat without protein or carbohydrates
  • 18:00 - Fasting preserves muscle and doesn't ruin "gainz" .... study from BioMed
  • 19:20 - Coffee is the #1 source of antioxidants for Americans
  • 19:40 - Is coffee good for you or bad for you? What does the research say?
  • 21:10 - Coffee consumption can protect against DNA damage
  • 21:35 - Caffeine - good or bad?
  • 22:30 - New research shows that caffeine shortens telomeres - What are telomeres?
  • 24:45 - Coffee consumption lengthens telomeres
  • 27:20 - Are fish oil supplements a waste of money? Are there health risks?
  • 28:00 - How fish oil  supplements CAN BE beneficial
  • 28:45 - The top 3 fish oil supplement brands on the market are selling rancid fish oils - What are the health risks associated with rancid oils?
  • 33:20 - Episode recap


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Enjoy the show!

Feb 13, 2017
Fruit and vegetable smoothies are considered a staple in weight loss protocols and cleanses. But what if your favorite smoothie was making you miserable? Often seen as the ultimate healthy drink, most premade and homemade smoothies are actually doing more harm than good, leaving you prone to bad diet choices later on. Episode 26 explores how and why you’re getting smoothies wrong. Joe and Amber also provide 3 simple guidelines for taking your smoothie game to the next level.
Topics Discussed Include:
  • Intro
  • How your smoothie may be contributing to uncontrollable hunger, energy/mood swings and weight gain
  • Many smoothie restaurant chains making smoothies that have more sugar than a can of soda
  • The benefits of fruit in a smoothie
  • The downsides of fruit in a smoothie
  • If your goal is weight loss, you might not want to eat fruit
  • What causes food cravings and energy swings?
  • Steps to constructing a healthy smoothie
  • Why your smoothie should contain a large amount of high-quality fats
  • What are some examples of high-quality fats to include in your smoothie?
  • Why high quality fats don't contribute to mood/energy swings
  • Why your smoothie should contain a medium amount of protein
  • The satiating benefits of protein
  • What type of protein should you add to your smoothie?
  • What type of protein should you avoid?
  • Using stevia as a sweetener
  • Why you should have a large amount of greens in your smoothie
  • Why you should have a small amount of berries in your smoothie
  • Which/how many  berries you should include in your smoothie
  • Our smoothie recipe
  • Recap and outro
Links to topics discussed:
Here's the recipe for our ultimate hunger-eliminating, energy-boosting, totally not gross smoothie
1. Add all ingredients to a high-powered blender and blend until creamy (30 sec - 1 minute)
Feb 9, 2017

If you venture off into the abyss of YouTube videos regarding dieting, you'll most certainly encounter arguments being had and insults being hurled between members of opposing dietary communities. Scientific information goes by the wayside as emotions and ethics cloud the health argument. Members of the vegan community despise members of the paleo community. Paleo dieters think vegans are uninformed hippies. The conversation is rarely addressed from an unbiased, unemotional standpoint.

Enter in episode 25 of The Primal Example Podcast.  

In this episode, the Primal Example duo records a podcast while answering listener questions on Facebook Live.  Joe and Amber also take a much needed different perspective on dieting as they discuss why vegan, paleo and ketogenic diets may not be as healthy as their followers claim. 


Buckle up and let the controversy begin!


Topics discussed include:

  • 0:30 - Intro

  • 4:00 - Why veganism isn't inherently healthy

  • 5:00 - Nutrients missing in a vegan diet

  • 6:00 - 83% of vegans are deficient in vitamin b12

  • 9:00 - Only 2-10% of vegan EPA and DHA are converted into usable forms in humans

  • 15:50 - How to biohack veganism and cover all of your nutrient bases

  • 20:00 - Possible problems with a paleo diet

  • 23:15 - Why paleo nutritional bars aren't healthy

  • 29:40 - What is a ketogenic diet and why isn't it healthy?

  • 35:25 - Episode recap


Enjoy the episode!

Feb 1, 2017

In this bonus episode, Joe and Amber record a podcast while answering nutrition related questions on Facebook & Instagram Live. They also share 3 of their favorite healthy snacks and explain why these snacks are superior to their conventional counterparts. 

If you want to be a part of our next Facebook Live Q&A podcast, like Primal Example on Facebook and tune in to our next video!


Topics Discussed Include:
  • 1:30 - Brazi Bites - naturally gluten-free Brazilian cheese bread made from tapioca flour, high-oleic safflower oil and asiago cheese
  • 2:35 - Why high-oleic safflower oil is healthier than conventional safflower oil and how your cooking oil is contributing to inflammation
  • 7:00 - Siete Family Foods Tortilla Chips - grain-free, gluten-free tortilla chips made from cassava flour, avocado oil, coconut flour and chia seed
  • 9:10 - What are anti-nutrients? The dangers of phytic acid
  • 11:20 - Eating Evolved - Dark Chocolate Mint coconut cups made from organic cacao, organic coconut sugar and organic peppermint oil
  • 14:15 - How unhealthy is it to eat raw hamburger meat?
  • 16:40 - Why is meat quality important? Grass-fed vs grain-fed beef
  • 21:30 - Is sushi healthy? The dangers of farm raised fish
  • 28:25 - Should we eat order beef cooked rare? Is it healthier than well-done meat? The dangers of overcooked protein and fats
  • 31:20 - What are the dangers of overcooking eggs and nuts?
  • 35:00 - What are damaged fats and what kind of fats are most stable? Least?
  • 38:30 - Organic vs. Conventional - Is organic really healthier?
  • 42:00 - Hormones, estrogen dominance and pesticides functioning as xenoestrogens ... BPA, PCBs and parabens also function as xenoestrogens
  • 50:00 - What type of eggs should you buy? Cage-free? Free-range? Pasture raised? 
  • 51:20 - Milk is for babies? Dangers of pasteurized milk. Benefits of raw milk on asthma
  • 53:25 - Why organic meat isn't necessarily healthier
  • 57:20 - Outro
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Enjoy the show!