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When it comes to health and wellness, there is no shortage of misinformation on the internet. The Primal Example podcast, hosted by lifestyle modification expert Joe Condora, delivers evidence-based nutrition and wellness information in an easily digestible fashion. Featuring interviews from some of the top experts in the health and wellness field, expect to walk away with actionable tips after each episode that you can easily implement in your life. Whether you are interested in paleo, keto, vegan, yoga, functional medicine, carnivore, or any other dietary modality, The Primal Example Podcast has something for you.
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Dec 13, 2018

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Orthorexia, a term coined in 1997 referring to unhealthy obsession with healthy eating, seems to be more prevalent than ever. Popular elimination dietary approaches such as ketogenic diets, vegan diets, and paleo diets all promise to improve your physical health by eliminating certain food groups. While I believe that each of these diets can be beneficial at times, they all overlook the most important influence of our health: SOCIAL RELATIONS. 

While nutrition and fitness are key components to upgrading your health, research continues to show that our social relationships have a bigger impact on our lifespan AND OUR HEALTHSPAN. 

While ignoring the impact of social relations on our health and well-being, these elimination diets may also contribute to an overall unhealthy relationship with food. It's important that we look at nutrition as only one piece of the health puzzle, not a religion. 

In this episode, Joe shares warning signs of orthorexia, discusses disordered eating, and provides 5 tips to maintain a social life while adopting a healthier lifestyle.


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Dec 5, 2018
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In episode 67 of The Primal Example Podcast, Joe sits down for a chat with one of the paleo/primal movement’s predominant thought leaders, Mark Sisson to discuss Mark's most recent bestselling book The Keto Reset Diet, the sale of Mark's condiment food line Primal Kitchen to the Craft-Heinz group, and much more.
Topics discussed in this episode include:
  • Why Mark started recommending a ketogenic diet
  • How to merge primal and keto
  • How to become more metabolically flexible using a ketogenic diet
  • How does protein affect ketosis?
  • Do we NEED to eat carbs to survive?
  • The sale of Primal Kitchen to Kraft-Heinz
  • How to use a ketogenic diet to boost athletic performance
  • How to properly count net carbs while on a ketogenic diet
  • Should cannabis be considered a performance enhancing drug?
  • What is Mark's favorite alcoholic beverage?
  • What does Mark like to watch on Netflix?
  • What does Mark think of the carnivore diet?

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Nov 19, 2018

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Gut health is a topic that is gets a lot of attention in the ancestral health scene. In truth, we know very little about gut health and how to optimize it. Company's dump money into marketing campaigns to try to convince potential buyers that their product will solve their gut issues. This leaves many of us confused about whether or not we should be supplementing with probiotics.

Shockingly, there are trillions of microorganisms living in our guts. While we don't know exactly what ratio of each bacteria in our guts is optimal, we do have a basic understanding of which bacteria is "good" and which is "bad". 

In this episode, Joe shares clinically proven, natural ways to fortify your gut, balance your bugs, and upgrade your health. 

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Oct 16, 2018

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New research published in the Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health reveal two previously unidentified metabolites formed from sucralose consumption.

In episode 65 of The Primal Example Podcast, Joe and John break down the study and let you know what it all means for your health.

Links to topics discussed: 

Perfect Keto Raw Macademia Nut Butter (Use coupon code PRIMALEXAMPLE for 20% off your order)

Episode 43 on artificial sweeteners

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Oct 8, 2018

In a world where we are constantly being bombarded with text messages, Facebook alerts, and Instagram direct messages, it's nearly impossible to be as productive as we wish we could be.

Social media apps take advantage of our natural human desire to seek, keeping us scrolling on their apps for hours each day seeking our next dopamine hit. On one hand, social media is a beautiful creation. We are able to connect with people in all areas of the world, expanding the impact that we are able to make in the world. On the other hand, our relationship with social media ends up hindering the impact that we make in the world and hurts our interpersonal relations in the real world.

In this episode, you will learn 4 tips to increase your focus and be more productive by fortifying your willpower to completely block out the endless amount of distractions that we expose ourselves to on a daily basis. By applying the techniques learned in this episode, you are GUARANTEED to be more productive, creative, and impactful. each day

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Aug 27, 2018

In a recent talk uploaded to YouTube, Harvard professor Karin Michels referred to coconut oil as "pure poison", creating controversy in the health community. 

Over the past 10 years, coconut oil has built a reputation of being a superfood staple that everyone should have in their pantry. 

So what's the truth about coconut oil? Is it a superfood? Is it poison?

In this short rebuttal episode of The Primal Example Podcast, Joe breaks down the science and let's you know whether you should ditch the coconut oil.



Aug 21, 2018

On August 16, 2018, research was published in The Lancet Public Health journal stating that low carbohydrate diets can shorten human lifespan by as much as 4 years.

Case closed on keto right?

Not so fast.

In this special rebuttal episode of The Primal Example Podcast, Joe dissects the research and clears the air on the topic, explaining why low carb diets DO NOT shorten lifespan. 

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Aug 20, 2018

For a long time in the medical community, it was thought that you were born with a certain amount of brain cells and that there was nothing you can do to get more. It wasn't until the late 1990's that the tide began to change.

In the late 90's adult neurogenesis changed from scientific theory to scientific fact, FINALLY becoming accepted by the scientific community. In this episode, Joe shares simple foods and lifestyle practices that have been shown to promote adult neurogenesis and increase brain-derived neurotrophic factor (the "fountain of youth" molecule in your brain).

Links to topics discussed:

- 4 min tabata workout

- New Primal Example merch

- Somnilight Blue Light Blocking Glasses

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Aug 15, 2018

What is the single most important action you can take to improve your life?

Exercising? Eating a healthy diet? Meditating? Nope.

The single most important action you can take to improve your life is to LEARN. The world's greatest leaders acknowledge that there is always room for improvement in the knowledge department. 

One of the biggest things that can hold us back is thinking that we have all the answers.

In this episode, UFC fighter turned author and speaker, Charlie Brenneman makes his second appearance on the show and discusses his constant pursuit of knowledge. Charlie shares his daily learning routine and explains why he is referred to as "the world's toughest lifelong learner". 

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Jul 19, 2018
Movement expert Darryl Edwards joins the show to discuss play vs. exercise. Darryl, the author of the bestselling book Animal Moves, educates people worldwide on how to embrace their inner childhood thru play.
The evolution of technology has forced our bodies to be far less capable of performing basic movements such as squatting, crawling, and jumping. While the mainstream fitness paradigm is centered around “blood, sweat, and tears”, Darryl promotes a more playful approach of regaining our lost "animal movement" capabilities.
Did you know that you burn 10% more calories by standing instead sitting?
Did you know that standing all day can be unhealthy and contribute to postural abnormalities?
In this episode, you'll hear about Darryl's journey from desk-jockey to movement expert, how you can regain your health thru movement, why you should embrace your inner child, and much more.
Links to topics discussed:
Jul 9, 2018
Keto, paleo, vegan, carnivore...the list of ways to eat seems endless, which can create anxiety or make preexisting anxiety/depression even worse. Knowing this, should an anxious/depressed person embark on a strict, dogmatic dietary approach?
On episode 58, Joe and Amber discuss "dieting" with anxiety and depression, the insulin/PCOS connection, and why eating every 2-4 hours to speed up your metabolism is a myth.
Jun 5, 2018
Tired of being sad, sick, and overweight? Many people feel unwell and exhausted constantly and it's time to not accept this as "normal". As a human being, you don't deserve to spend your time on this Earth feeling like a zombie or a slave to pain, and thankfully, life doesn't have to feel this way forever. The solution might be easier and older than you think! 
On episode 57, we interview Dr. Stephen Cabral, author of the international best seller The Rain Barrel Effect, which explores how a 6,000-year-old secret could hold the answer to feeling well, losing weight, and feeling alive again. 
Topics include:
  • "The rain barrel effect"—what it is and what inspired Dr. Cabral to write a book about it
  • How and why we're getting sicker as a society
  • How cell phones are impacting our health
  • The environments that make us sick
  • What we can do to tackle the toxins in our environments
  • The problem with sunscreen
  • Three triggers for disease
  • Foods to avoid at all costs
  • Three health practices to start immediately, and more!
Links to topics discussed:
Enjoy the show!
May 28, 2018

In this short 'sode, Amber and Joe answer listener questions about losing weight quickly, whether you should be using activated charcoal to whiten your teeth, what their children's diets will look like, proper weight-cutting for athletes, and more!

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Topics discussed include:

  • Calculating your body fat %
  • Protein-sparing modified fasting for rapid fat loss
  • Eating before/after cold thermogenesis
  • Eating before/after high-intensity-interval-training
  • What Joe and Amber's children's diets will look like
  • Why you shouldn't use activated charcoal powder to whiten your teeth

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May 24, 2018

What if the key to fat burning was fat “browning”? And how the hell do we do that?

Diet and exercise have long been praised as the mama and papa of fat loss, but modern research dares us to dig deeper when it comes to what REALLY makes us burn fat.

In episode 55, we break down the types of fat, which fat is the fat you want to have, and three FREE simple ways to burn fat FOR REAL.  

Topics discussed include:

  • What you’re really doing when you’re on a crash diet
  • The best way to burn fat, according to the latest research
  • The difference between brown and white fat
  • How to burn fat without diet or exercise
  • Why you need to “chill” to burn fat
  • Melatonin’s role in fat burning
  • What the hell is adiponectin and why it can turn you into fat-burning machine
  • Intermittent fasting’s effect on obesity

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May 1, 2018

Did you know that your cravings start the previous day?

It's true. The snickers bar that's calling your name from the vending machine on Tuesday afternoon might be haunting you because of your poor sleep Monday evening. 

Poor sleep quality activates our amygdala, an unevolved part of our brain that is solely focused on procreation and food. While our amygdala is activated, the activity in the pre-frontal cortex area of our brain (the evolved part of our brain that's used for critical thinking) is decreased. 

Another contributing factor to food cravings is protein deficiency. Protein assists in long-term blood sugar management. Poor blood sugar management leads to blood sugar rises and falls, biologically activating survival mechanisms and triggering cravings for carbohydrates.

Some of the most popularly craved foods in America are are potato chips, cookies, cake, and french fries: ALL CARBOHYDRATE DOMINANT FOODS

A study published in the Obesity journal in 2011 compared low-carb diets vs low-fat diets and how they impacted food cravings. The low-carb diet was shown to significantly decrease cravings for carbohydrates. One of the reasons that the low-carb diet decreased food cravings was because the subjects began eating more protein, which improved blood sugar management. 

Topics discussed include:

  • The difference between modern stress and ancestral stress
  • Conscious stress vs. unconscious stress
  • Stress triggers pre-evolutionary survival mechanisms
  • Stress activates the amygdala portion of your brain
  • Sugar is a quick energy source, but it's not sustainable
  • Why bacteria might be the most advanced species on the planet
  • Why humans never need to eat carbohydrates
  • Gluconeogenesis 
  • How sleep impacts cravings
  • How getting sun impacts your cravings
  • How protein deficiency increases cravings
  • How protein fills you up more FROM A HORMONAL PERSPECTIVE
  • Your diet shouldn't add more stress to your life

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Apr 10, 2018

In part 2 of this Q&A podcast, Joe and Amber answer listener questions that were submitted thru Instagram and Facebook.

During every Q&A episode, The Primal Example team will choose one  listener to receive free Primal Example merchandise. Enter to win by submitting questions to be answered on the show and/or leaving us a review on iTunes. 


Topics discussed include:

  • Getting swole while injured
  • Fish oil supplements are harmful
  • Flax seeds are overrated
  • Hormone disrupting cosmetic ingredients
  • Whether or not you need carbs post workout
  • The science behind fast food ruining your gainz
  • Reducing cell phone radiation
  • Grounding to counteract inflammation from electronics
  • High protein foods for when you are bored of chicken

Enjoy the show!

Apr 6, 2018

In this episode, Joe and Amber answer listener questions that were submitted thru Instagram and Facebook.

During every Q&A episode, The Primal Example team will choose one  listener to receive free Primal Example merchandise. Enter to win by submitting questions to be answered on the show and/or leaving us a review on iTunes. 


Topics discussed include:

  • Our Intermittent Veganism Program
  • Merchandise give-away update
  • The pros and cons of veganism
  • Faux Vitamin b-12 /b-12 analogues
  • How to incorporate more magnesium into your diet
  • Magnesium/soil depletion
  • Does fructose kick you out of ketosis?
  • The health benefits of psychedelic mushrooms (PTSD and terminal cancer)
  • How we design our weight lifting program - Push/Pull
  • The reason why we do what we do
  • How we handle sugar cravings
  • Contest winner announcement

Enjoy the show!

Mar 20, 2018
Alcohol is infamous for being harmful to your brain.
But what if it actually could help?
New research shows that alcohol may help improve the functioning of your glymphatic system, which is your brain's detoxification system.
Why does this matter? A less-than-optimal glymphatic system may be a contributing factor to Alzheimer's and other degenerative brain diseases. 
Just how much alcohol was shown to help the glymphatic system? Listen to the episode to find out!
We also answer a few of your questions regarding topics such as eliminating fruit for weight loss, biohacking approaches to tackling chronic migraines, the healthy/unhealthiness of rice, and more. 
*Disclaimer* - We DO NOT recommend alcohol consumption as part of a healthy lifestyle. 
Links to Topics Discussed:
Mar 13, 2018

What’s matters most in your life?

Chances are that personal success, family, and health top your list. But how do we maintain what we cherish most in a world that constantly bombards us with distractions from what’s truly important to our overall health and happiness?

Shawn Stevenson, best-selling author and host of one of the most popular health podcasts on iTunes, joined us on episode 50 to explore:

  • how to create real work/life balance

  • why you should “chunk” to become successful

  • how to create healthy family dynamics with food

  • a pivotal moment in his life when he feared eating zebra

  • the impact of cultural identities on health and nutrition

  • the effect of “paleo-fied” foods

  • the top three health practices to start doing right now & more.

Links to topics discussed:


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If you enjoyed this episode, check out episode 30 of our podcast as well: 5 Small Changes for BIG Health results

Stay Blessed.
Feb 1, 2018
Topics Discussed:
  • 2:00 - How did Dr. Berry become the doctor who exposes other doctors?
  • 7:00 - Why most "published research" is faulty
  • 10:15 - Why meat and saturated fat are perfectly healthy (from a Doctor's perspective)
  • 14:30 -  Is your HDL to LDL cholesterol ratio useless?
  • 15:45 - Relative risk vs absolute risk
  • 16:45 - Why humans were never intended to eat grain
  • 18:15 - How does gluten affect people who don't have Celiac disease?
  • 24:00 - High fat dairy vs low fat dairy. Are humans equipped to eat dairy?
  • 31:20 - Why calcium isn't the most important nutrient for your bones
  • 34:50 -  "Speeding up your metabolism" is stupid
  • 36:50 - Why we shouldn't have to eat often to keep our blood sugar stable
  • 37:25 - Dr. Berry's thoughts on intermittent fasting
  • 39:15 - A doctor's thoughts on veganism 
  • 45:00 - 3 things to start doing RIGHT now to improve your health
Links to topics discussed: